Morya I - Table of Contents

The Chela and the Path by Elizabeth Clare Prophet



1. With a Smile of Hope
2. To Work and to Win
3. Be Not Weary in Doing the Will of God
4. The Gift of God Tabor
5. The Chastening of a Father for His Children
6. I Would Ennoble You
7. There Is Work to Be Done
8. "As the Sunflower Turns on Her God"
9. Unity Through The Summit Lighthouse
10. Your Key to Freedom
11. The Law of the Circle and the Great Solar Quiet
12. A White Paper to the Planet Earth from the Great White Brotherhood
13. My Hand Shielding Your Aura
14. The Will of God: A Precious Treasure Mined from the Heart
15. "Not My Will but Thine Be Done"
16. Welcome to Darjeeling
17. The Perfection in Your Heart Is God
18. Light Your Torches upon the Torch of Freedom
19. Tribute to the Majesty of Mother Mary on Her Ascension Day August 15, 1962
20. To Introduce Beloved Sanat Kumara
21. The Past Is Prologue
     The Chart of Your Divine Self
22. Upward, Upward, Upward, There Is No Other Way
23. A Chalice of Christed Opportunity within Your Own Heart
24. The Need for the Quest
25. Encyclical on World goodwill: A Report to the Earth
26. "I Now Pronounce You One with God"
27. Government for the Glory of God
28. The House of God Is Yet Unbuilded among Men
29. A Living Temple of God
30. There Is No Power but God That Can Act!
31. Life, Life, Life in Shining Splendor
32. A Thrust for a Divine Purpose
33. Benediction
34. There's No Place Like Home

Notes and Glossary