The Chela And The Path Table of Contents

The Chela and the Path by Elizabeth Clare Prophet


1. Chelas of the Will of God
2. Chelas of East and West
3. Chelas in the Way of Self-Mastery
4. Chelas of White-Fire Core
5. Chelas Centered in the Flame and Those Who Would Be
6. Chelas Who Would Also Come to Darjeeling
7. Chelas of Freedom's Will
8. Chelas Who Would Become Messengers of the Gods
9. Chelas Garnering a Thrust for a Purpose
10. Chelas Suspended in the Grid of Cosmic Consciousness
11. Chelas in Pursuit of the Light of Victory
12. Chelas Who Would Become Defenders of the Faith
13. Chelas Who Would Run to Meet the Morning Light of the Archangels
14. Chelas Who Would Keep the Flame of Life
15. Chelas Who Would Replace the Love of the Lesser Self with the Love of the Greater Self
16. Chelas Advancing in the Art of Communication

Incarnations of the Ascended Master El Morya

The Chart of Your Divine Self

Notes and Index