El Morya - The Chela and the Path

The Sacred Adventure and Ashram Notes

"Morya summons chelas of the sacred fire who would become adepts, followers who would become friends of Christ, exponents of the word of living truth, imitators of the master, and finally the heart, head and hand of our cosmic retinue."

El Morya's The Chela and the Path by Elizabeth Clare ProphetThe Chela and the Path by El Morya

The Chela and the Path is personal instruction from the ascended master El Morya for spiritual seekers and chelas. With the incomparable skill of a Zen master, El Morya points the way for all who aspire to a higher level of consciousness—teaching us to become who we are. Chela and the Path is foundational for those who would not only know their true potential, but fulfill it.

The Chela and the Path contains keys we all need to know in order to meet the challenge of life in today's world. That challenge is to understand and to be who and what we are—right in the midst of the turbulent uncertainties, the disintegration of self-awareness, and the monolith of mechanization that mark this civilization. Our very life, even the integration of consciousness itself, is at stake in the challenge of just living from day to day.

It is the purpose of this book to liberate your soul for the grand adventure of integration with the Cosmos through the path of initiation under the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.
- Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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The Sacred Adventure and Light from Heavenly Lanterns

Two Spiritual Gems from the Heart of El Morya

The Sacred Adventure by El Morya through Elizabeth Clare ProphetThis edition of The Sacred Adventure is two books in one classic collection of prose and poetry from the Pearls of Wisdom® on the Will of God from the Tibetan master, El Morya.

Pursuing the questions "What Is the Will of God?" and "How Can it be Found?" The Sacred Adventure will give you the sublime reason for living your life with tender reverence, a fiery determination, and a zest for any fate.

This edition of The Sacred Adventure is enhanced with the addition of Light from Heavenly Lanterns with ten illustrations by Aurial Bessemer.

Includes a concise biography of El Morya's past lifetimes. A jewel for any esoteric library!

Ashram Notes

Ashram Notes by El Morya through Mark L ProphetIn the Ashram Notes, profound reflections on mysticism and spirituality, the Himalayan Master El Morya offers spiritual advice, meditations and techniques to achieve gnosis—self-knowledge. Includes seven prayer rituals to reduce world suffering and to increase world peace.

Have you ever wondered what you could do to become more spiritually alive?

Have you ever wondered how you could contact beings of Light who would help you in your spiritual growth?

Have you ever wondered what you could do on a spiritual level to help people, say, in Calcutta or Lima or the streets of New York?

In Ashram Notes, El Morya tells you how to do all three.

Ashram Notes is a handbook in applied Gnosis that opens doors and windows to your superconscious.

"And though I could speak to you for many an hour on the realities of the Ashram and what it can mean to your acceleration on the Path, I do request that as chelas of the will of God you will accept my word, that it is so. Accept that this bonding together of your souls with one another, with my heart and with all servants of God's will is a major key in your success and your God-victory. ...Yes, your participation in the Ashram ritual-meditations will strengthen you to accomplish all that you desire by a path of self-mastery."            - El Morya 1990

   Chela and the Path

Personal instruction from El Morya for spiritual seekers pointing out the way for all who aspire to a higher level of consciousness to become who we are.

  • Journey to the center of the sun
  • Meditations on the Archangels
  • Violet flame etheric retreat experience
  • Meet the teachers of the way of self master

For those whose inner sense tells them there is a Way, who realize there is a path of self-master, and would like to know more: Chela and the Path

   The Sacred Adventure

El Morya's letters on the Will of God to his students throughout the world is a treasure of timeless Truth for your soul's ascent to God.

  • Knowing the Will of God
  • Examine the ideologies of the Spirit
  • Discover your immortal birthright
  • Forgiveness—an aspect of God's Will

Gain the understanding of the Will of God as the thunder of universal love.

Check The Sacred Adventure & Light From Heavenly Lanterns

   Ashram Notes

Ashram Notes—timeless teachings for all who pursue the ancient mystery of self-knowledge through soul awakening.

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