Ashram Notes by El Morya and Mark L Prophet

Pursuing Self-Knowledge Through Soul Awakening

Ashram Notes by El Morya and Mark L Prophet In Ashram Notes, profound reflections on mysticism and spirituality, the Himalayan Master El Morya offers spiritual advice, meditations and techniques to achieve gnosis—self-knowledge.

"Our principal reason for founding this Ashram is for the linking of hearts worldwide in a ritual of scheduled group meditations.

"Even though we are separated by time and space, we shall all meet in a union of consciousness, laboring and travailing together to give birth to our Ashram for God."
- El Morya (Ashram Note 2)

Mark Prophet, author of Ashram NotesMark Prophet on Ashram Notes

The Ashram of Morya El is one answer to the call of unascended lifestreams who desire to reduce world suffering and serve the cause of world awakening. It carries a message full of hope to brothers small and great on earth. It opens a door that no man can shut and establishes a shining pathway for souls to reach up beyond the seemingly silent veil into the realm of pure Love. Here the care of the one Father is manifest for all his children, who were created to inherit the blessings of his kingdom. — Mark L. Prophet

Ancient Mystery of Self-Knowledge

Christian gnostics believed that Jesus came to awaken the soul to her divine origin and to the Inner Light, or "divine spark." They claimed to possess Jesus' secret teachings that taught them how to attain Gnosis, "self-knowledge"and thereby to become a "Christ."

The gnostics used special techniques to attain self-knowledge—spiritual initiations, sacred chants and rituals. But most of them were lost.

Now El Morya, an Eastern master, brings to his Western students a set of rituals and precise techniques to achieve Gnosis. Mark L. Prophet (who often reminded his students, "You are not sinners, you are simply not awake") wrote down Ashram Notes as a series of letters from El Morya between 1952 and 1958.

Timeless Teachings of the Ascended Masters

El Morya, teachings of the ascended mastersThe Ashram Notes are timeless teachings for all who desire to pursue the ancient mystery of self-knowledge through soul awakening.

The Ashram Rituals will help you increase your capacity to contain and use spiritual energy. They will help you sustain your contact with God. They will strengthen you to overcome bad habits. What's more, they will give you the power you need to accomplish all that you desire through the path of self-mastery taught by the Eastern Adepts.

By giving the Ashram Rituals you can reduce world suffering and serve the cause of world awakening. Through the Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work, you can journey at night in your etheric body to offer spiritual assistance to those in greatest need around the world.

The six Ashram rituals are:

  • The Unison Ritual
  • Great Central Sun Ritual: O Cosmic Christ, Thou Light of the World
  • Sacred Ritual for Attunement with God's Holy Will
  • Sacred Ritual for Soul Purification
  • Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work
  • Sacred Ritual for Oneness

Ashram Notes is a handbook in applied Gnosis that opens doors and windows to your superconscious.

Customer Reviews of Ashram Notes

This book contains many prayers and meditations to uplift your spirit. Especially wonderful are the prayers for soul travel and soul healing. Many sacred spots (etheric retreats) on the planet are mentioned in this book.

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