About The Summit Lighthouse®

El Morya, sponsor of the Summit LighthouseThe Summit Lighthouse® was founded in Washington, D.C., in 1958 by the Ascended Master El Morya for the express purpose of publishing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters® dictated to Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood.

The Summit Lighthouse, as a unique nondenominational religious and philosophical 501(c) 3 organization, disseminates the ancient wisdom to every nation through its headquarters in Corwin Springs, Montana, study groups and teaching centers, Pearls of Wisdom® letters, Summit University, Summit University Press, and information websites.

Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Messenger for the ascended mastersMark Prophet, Messenger of the Great White BrotherhoodMark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet were messengers for the ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood. Messengers are trained and anointed by the ascended masters to deliver divine teachings, messages and prophecies to guide mankind. The messengers' role is to help the spiritual seekers make contact with their Real Self, also called Divine Self.

Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet trained rigorously for many lifetimes to prepare for this mission and have left a legacy of thousands of hours of teachings for the spiritual aspirant. Mark Prophet was a modern-day mystic trained by the master El Morya and served as messenger from 1952 until his transition in 1973. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, trained as a messenger from 1961 to 1973, carried on the work of The Summit Lighthouse until her retirement in 1999.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet said, "I am the servant of the light in all students of the ascended masters and in all people. My books and writings are intended to give people the opportunity to know the truth that can make them free—so they can find God without me. I do not claim to be a master nor do I claim to be perfect in my human self. I am but the instrument of the Ascended Masters. My mission is to take true seekers, in the tradition of the masters of the Far East (which Jesus exemplified), to the level of consciousness where they can meet their teachers face to face."

Pearls of Wisdom®

Pearls of Wisdom, teachings of the Ascended MastersThe Pearls of Wisdom® letters, dictations of the ascended masters to their students throughout the world, has been published by The Summit Lighthouse since 1958. These letters are the intimate contact, heart to heart, from the masters' heart to yours. Timeless releases of spiritual knowledge and understanding with practical keys for your daily life. Pearls of Wisdom® past releases are available on CD.

Keepers of the Flame® Fraternity

Ascended master Saint Germain, sponsor of the Keepers of the Flame FraternityThe Keepers of the Flame® Fraternity is a worthy body of men and women dedicated to self-improvement and the upliftment of humanity. Spiritual seekers who desire to keep the flame of life on behalf of mankind can join this nondenominational fraternity and receive thirty two monthly lessons provide graded instruction in cosmic law. When you join this fraternity, Saint Germain sponsors your path of spiritual initiation and promises to assist you heart to heart in your homeward journey.

Summit University® Seminars and Online Courses

Summit University, online courses, spiritual retreats and international seminarsSummit University® offers weekend and week-long seminars and spiritual retreats on a variety of spiritual subjects, including: karma and reincarnation; twin flames and soulmates; Saint Germain, spiritual alchemy and the violet flame; and healing for body, mind and soul.

SU offers courses online, across the United States as well as internationally. Summit University courses are also available online.

Founded in 1971 under the direction of the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Summit University holds courses based on the unfoldent of the inner potential of the Christ, the Buddha and the Mother Flame. Through the teachings of the ascended masters, including the sacred scriptures of East and West, students at Summit University pursue the disciplines on the path of the ascension for the soul's ultimate reunion with the Spirit of the living God.

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